Friday, January 18, 2008

Tips For New blogger

When starting a blog it's hard to get visitors especially at the begining. First you need to have some content on your blog around 10 posts it will be enough to start, in my opinion. You'll also need a nice theme and make sure your main text part(posts) will have a readable font(size and color). Here are some tips to use to get visitors

- Tell your friends about your blog and encourage them to comment and to tell their opinions and also tell them to tell their friends about it
- Join popular forums such as Sitepoint, Digitalpoint and others, make link exchanges with other blogs, add your site on your signature and post
- Post interesting and useful articles and post as much as you can, show your visitors that you care about them
- Post 100% unique content, don't copy others content
- Reward your commentors and visitors with prizes, add the top commentors plugin
or make contests with prizes for commentors
- You can pay for some reviews on other blogs on the same area
- Comment on other blogs and make yourself and your blog known

Make sure your blog is finished when you start to promote it. Unfinished pages such as "About us" may affect your blog's image.

Blogger Strategy

f you have one blog or various or many blogs (based on business or not – profit or non profit) you have to be focused and have a clear objective that drive you to get what you want or more, but never less. Also plan for blogging is definitely necessary for success; otherwise you will fail in three month.

However one of the main and vitals blogging strategies is that you need to know the “Blogosphere”, that is, the blogging media and consumer generated media, because blogging consist in real people sharing their own experiences. You need to keep relevant content consistently and provide value and enjoyment to readers which are looking exactly what you are able to provide.

Another important strategy to grow and increase on the blogging business or blogging culture is identify and select the best person to write your blog. If you have a complex product or service you have to select qualified personal to write your blog about your products; otherwise if your product is simple and your customer won’t make a lot of questions you don’t need specialized writers, just who person which know what they are doing. A suitable platform for publishing is an important blogging strategy. Your platform should be secure, easy to use and integrate with your existing website.

Optimize your content for search engines, such as Yahoo and Google. Identify key phrases through keyword research and study the techniques of the search engine optimization. If you don’t have idea what I’m talking about you can hire the services of a search engine optimizer. Currently, optimize the content of your blog is a vital activity for the competitive market.

Furthermore, you need to initiate a honest conversation and interaction with your audience. Many peoples don’t like fakes promotions and other similar activities. It put your blog in risk to be ignored. If you are honest you can remain customers and keep your audience happy.

In my opinion something that help us to save our reputation before the audience is write in our blogs a guidelines or a policy which contain clearly the terms of interaction between blog owners and readers.

Embed Google Presentations in Your Blog/Website

Google Docs introduced a new feature to its web based presentation software which allows users to embed presentations in a blog/website.
Follow these simple steps to embed Google Presentations

Prepare your presentation
  • Click on Publish link to share your presentation online
  • Once published, you will be provided code under the section Mini Presentation Module.
  • Copy the Mini Presentation Module and paste it in your blog/website.

Google added few more new features to Presentation like

  • the ability to drag and drop images onto slides
  • importing slides from other presentations
  • rearranging slides
  • and an enhanced tool bar
  • Watch the following Official Google Presentation that gives overview of all the new features